It has been a few days

I can’t believe a week has passed already! Time flies…

I finished Boy Caboodle’s scarf…it’s cute. He promised to wear it when it snows because “it’s cold when it snows and you need a scarf”. Not much chance of that here but at least he liked it! At some point, I will figure out how to do photos so I can put pics up.

I gave the purse to a friend of mine that I had estranged. Her 18mo daughter loved it. I hope Caboodle Friend loved it too and it served it’s purpose of showing her I was thinking of her.

Boy Caboodle did start school last week. I wouldn’t call it a huge success but I think he is going to like it once he learns the schedule. He cried last week because he wanted to go outside to play but it was inside time. He also fell asleep during lunch… that freaked his teacher out and she got Grandma Caboodle to come in to have a look at him (she works at the school too). She laughed and said “like father, like son”… so they didn’t call me and he perked up when they went outside to play.

He is sick with a bad head cold this week, I’m hoping he gets better before Wednesday… I already canceled his weekly therapy appt today. I’m sick too and it would be nice to have a couple hours off tomorrow.

In other knitting news, I need another skein of Silky Tweed to finish Liv, darnitall! I also started the minisweater by S. Japel. Using Sirdar Stampata in a pink/purple color. I need another ball of yarn to complete the sweater. The gauge is off so the sweater is not actually a minisweater like the Glampyre’s, it is more of a short sweater instead…not quite as sexy but that’s ok, I don’t feel like sexing it up right now. Maybe later, I will get a pattern from White Lies Designs for the sexy in me. And there has been no progress at all with mom’s shawl…must knit shawl…must.knit.shawl…


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