School trauma

Apparently, school is not as fun as Boy Caboodle thought it would be. He told me this morning he didn’t want to go. It took about an hour to tweak out of him that he was scared and that “there were too many other kids”. So I negotiated with him…I would stay at his school (out in the hallway) and he would know I was there. That lifted his spirits enough to propel him to school. Then on the playground a well meaning teacher told him I went to the store… ARG! The poor boy had trusted me to stay there. He lasted less than an hour after that, they brought him to me and he asked to go home. He is napping the stress away now. I am hoping that I can talk him into going again on Friday. His lead teacher is very kind and is trying to work with him. I’m thinking that it is going to take a couple of weeks for him to get to know everyone and then maybe (just maybe) he will be comfortable there. If not, Mr. Caboodle and I will talk about taking him out of school.


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