Day 2

I’m weak…I want SUGAR!!!! The open bag of mini marshmallows mocks me. Only 12.5 days left til I can add fruit and a couple of other things back into my diet…I’ll be lucky if I make it 12.5 hours.

The mom shawl is history. I didn’t secure the project on my needles soooo half of them fell off. I wasn’t about to retrieve dropped lace stitches. Number of lace projects completed… zero (well, unless you count that hat I made last year but it was really simple). I think if I try to do this again, I’m going to use at least a sport weight yarn. I happen to have a big skein in my stash. Bright pink, she’ll love it. She has horrid taste in colors now so I can’t go wrong unless it’s a muted shade.

I’m making headway on Liv again but I’ve made a mistake in one sleeve cable…to rip back or integrate it? I should never knit when I’m sick.

Speaking of knitting while sick. I am ready to frog the minisweater. It’s cute but the gauge was off a little too much and while I like the body of the sweater, the sleeves are huge and puffy…and HUGE and PUFFY. Not a good look on me. Rip away, rip away… Out out huge puffy sleeves! I really must spend more time doing the math.


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