Day 7 SBD

Day 7 and I not only cheated, I ate almost an entire bag of marshmallows washed down with an icy cold beer…because I deserve the best!

My day has sucked royally. Boy Caboodle kept me up half the night, then kept Mr. Caboodle up the other half. Half a night’s sleep is not enough when you already have a 3-year deficit. He is also having trouble adjusting to school.

Boy Caboodle cries all day at school. He doesn’t cry loudly but weeps almost all day. We have tried everything short of shock therapy and pulling him out of the program. He may just not be ready…Mr. Caboodle and I decided to give him through next Friday, then we are pulling him if he continues to cry all day. The teacher and I decided he would just stay for circle time and art, skipping the playground and lunch. That would cut down his time from 2 half days a week to 2 quarter days per week. I would be pulling my hair out now but it’s falling out of its own accord from the stress.

In knitting news… I was reknitting the minisweater and it has morphed into something else, a short wrap with 3/4 sleeves. I think I’m lying to myself when I look at it and tell myself how cute it is. But really, it is cute!


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