It must be Monday.

I tried to upload the pics of Target yarn but blogger still wouldn’t comply. Then I tried to upload them on Flickr…they were experiencing technical difficulties that resulted in booting me out.

If you want to see Target yarn, go to Target. It’s in the dollar bin. Oy!

I hate my body today (and many other days). Firstly, since I had the flu last year, I have managed to suffer through every virus available this year. Secondly, if I’m not sick with a virus (and sometimes while I have a virus), I get canker sores one after the other. Then there are the mysterious pains…why is my neck injured? I don’t know. But right now it still hurts and I have a canker sore forming. Finally, in the battle of the bulging size 14’s, size 16’s are looking more comfy everyday.

I know it’s a matter of mind over body but right now the body is wearing the mind out.

In knitting news…. I blocked my ribbon yarn shapely tank (free pattern courtesy of White Lies Designs). I think the bottom may stop rolling. If it does roll, I’m going to try steaming it. If it still rolls after that…into the bin it goes. I would rip it but I hated knitting with ribbon yarn, it hurt my poor fingers. I really liked the way this tank fits me though and the ribbon yarn is pretty (despite the finger mauling). I think I will show my appreciation by buying a pattern…they have so many lovely patterns to choose!

I’m trying to design some kind of sweater for Boy Caboodle. I’m stuck… should I go with something cute? or something cool? or something I like? The colors are limited to what is in my stash so I think stranding, intarsia or stripes will be in order.


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