Swatch it! Don’t trip on the strands.

And it’s growing!

I like the blue-green better than the true green. Unfortunately, I have to rip it back because I stranded too tightly…arg.


I wanted to knit a sweater for Boy Caboodle so I decided to use some stash yarn. But the colors were boring by themselves so I decided to mix it up. And thus a swatch was borne… (Yes, I could have done a cable but I did that last year).

The colors are close to true…the green is greener, the hands ruddier. I think I’m going to switch the green with blue-green and go with it. It may not seem exciting to you but to me…it is my first color design, on my first sweater design (standard drop shoulder with v-neck). And it will be my first stranding attempt…outside the swatch which foretells of loose stitches and poor technique but I will blunder on.


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