Boy Caboodle has been sick since the last time I blogged. I was sick too as was Mr. Caboodle. We are better but Boy persists in getting worse so tomorrow we will drag him kicking and hitting to the dr. And he has been doing a lot of that, kicking and hitting, since he has been sick.

I cast on a new knitting project. It’s more yarn from my stash…cheap yarn, Lion Brand yarn. I’m knitting a long sleeved shrug for myself in gray. I’m not sure I will finish it, I can’t stand the feel of it especially since I have been wearing my Banff made with Noro cotton/cashmere. Maybe I can convert it into a doggie sweater for Coffee (Dog Caboodle), she is going to need something warm since I cut most of her fur off.

This is Banff…. I’m loving it today!

I am making tote bags to order for a couple of friends. It’s a new venture and I hope that I can make a go of it. I want to make knitting needle bags as well… I made one of each for myself and I love them.

BTW, the fireman jacket looks great despite the pleather debacle. I just have to put the toggle closures on the front and we can stick a fork in it. Hopefully, Boy will feel well enough to wear it.


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