Casting on all sorts of fibery goodness

Except that fibers aren’t all that good… but my stash of trash is being whittled down so it’s all good.

I am working on my boring gray shrug still… Lion Brand WoolEase. It’s a nobrainer project that is perfect for my tired brain.

I am catching Boy’s virus du jour so last night I cast on a new project. Pink cotton socks. I’m using directions for toe up socks. The directions were somewhat confusing… I didn’t realize I was supposed to be doing successively shorter short rows til I was almost done with the first toe. It didn’t make sense while I was doing it but I didn’t read ahead… dratted virus is clouding my brains. That and the cat had nestled onto my copies.

So how many projects are on the needles now?
Boy’s throw
Elsebeth Lavold Liv
Boy’s sweater
Pink socks

Not too bad… but I should really finish up a couple before moving on.


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