Where does the time go?

I have been knitting again, and making bags. I also started some felted slippers. I was going to use the pattern available at Knitty but then I decided to design my own using the toe up short row technique. Slipper one is almost done. I’m knitting them up in various colors of Cascade 220 on size 11 bamboo DPNs.

I have also gotten to the heel of Pink/Raspberry sock #2. I think I will give these to my sister or maybe I will keep them… hmm, maybe I will wait and see how cute they are together.

I haven’t done much work on the boring gray shrug… it is boring afterall!

I was hanging up my laundry today and I glimpsed something that I really didn’t want to see… UFO from last year. It’s the skirt portion of a pink knit dress I was making for my niece. I got bogged down when I came down with the flu, made some mistakes, and months later decided to rip out the bodice… there it sits, calling me, asking for closure.


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