I need more hands!

I have 3 tote bags to complete and potentially 3 aprons to make. I don’t have enough time or hands! It would help if Boy Caboodle wasn’t coming down with the virus du jour but he is. I realized today that I hadn’t bought any closures for these bags… what was I thinking? was I thinking? ooops… so I put together a toggle closure using some beading supplies.

I am also trying to get some soap orders together. Mr. Caboodle was finally able to get a raw form of the website up Cathy’s Handmade. I make handmade soap from natural materials (and some fragrances but also essential oils). I really want to get the website up and going with all the things I want to sell but I have to get the soap part running smoothly first. I love doing this but it takes so much time to do the computer work.

Here is the group shot I took to sell to friends on the internets.


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