Tada! The hat!

And my is it HUGE!!! Ha! It’s even too big for my melon and my big hair.

This hat deserves to be frogged but I just can’t brink myself to do it after I spent 2 (yes, 2!) hours doing the crochet edging.

I tried to get Mr. Caboodle to wear it but he said it was too fem… too fem?!!! It’s blue, grey, and black! Oy! BTW, he won’t carry my purse either… he has masculinity issues I think.

Look at the way my glasses are falling off my nose. I push them up constantly… I pushed them up right before this photo. How do you stop frameless glasses (which are incredibly light) from slipping down?

I just dyed my hair today. Boy Caboodle has been playing hair dresser for the last 2 days, he kept focusing on the black hair underneath the blonde. “I’m just looking at the black stuff!” It’s not black but my natural hair color is no longer the blonde of my 20’s (and younger). I also need to cut off the clump of damaged frizz that is conveniently hiding my face.


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