The credit cards… they are felting!

I sold a felted handbag to a friend of mine over a month ago. I decided yesterday that instead of beating myself up because I couldn’t fix it properly (it flops open), I could knit a new one in less time! (I am a genius, folks! hehe… it took a month of hassling to figure that one out)

Here is the replacement yarn plus about 5 extra balls… and some buttons that were half price. Because you never know!

Then Boy Caboodle and I headed to the craft store (a national chain that is so poorly managed locally that it galls me to mention their name here). We got felt and pompoms for the Family Fun Christmas Collage that we are making. Then I spotted the toile and green duck cloth in the half off bin, so I got it too. Along the line somewhere, I must have dropped the 3rd package of pompoms that we need to decorate the felt Christmas tree… you just can’t trust a 3yo to hold onto stuff (sigh… I’m kidding, he is a boy wonder).

Since I got home, Boy decided to take a nap and I ran across this! I won’t use the exact pattern but I will do a round bag in some form… maybe with handles knit in instead of cut in. Isn’t it lucky that I bought all that extra feltable yarn?!


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