Yarn and yawn

I spent 2 hours converting a hank of Auracania wool yarn into the two red balls shown here. That is a lot of time considering I didn’t start with the wadded up mess that describes the other yarn in this picture.

Dog Caboodle loves yarn. The black, orange and blue snarled mess is what the yarn looks like after I steal it back from her. I wish I could have taken a picture of her when she got herself completely wrapped up in the middle orange yarn. It would have been funny if she hadn’t wrapped it so tightly around her neck.

I plan to unsnarl the blue yarn. It’s Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and I need it to finish Liv. Liv took a back seat after I had to rip out one of the sleeves. This sweater has been so frustrating… it is going on a year almost since I started it. One day I hope to be able to declare it finished… not today.

And because knitting and kitties seem to go together….

The white and gray is Marble, my one-eyed cat. He is the sweetest cat alive.
The scary looking black cat is Frazzle. She is not really scary unless you are Dog Caboodle or the neighbor’s cat, then watch out! She is a one-cat-in-the-household kind of cat but stuck with other cats and dog and boy. She can’t wait for the day she is ALONE!


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