I didn’t realize making tote bags could be so painful. I managed to cut my hands several times (2 requiring bandaids) while making this one. I think it turned out pretty well despite the lack of communication between my brains and my hands 🙂

It ended up with exterior gussets sporting small black buttons because I forgot to sew the gussets before putting the bag together. I like turning an oops into a design element.

You can’t see it very well here but the lining has butterflies and dragonflies. There is a two-compartment patch pocket and a removable hard bottom.

I’m waiting for my client to tell me how much she loves it (but mostly that she is prepared to buy it… heh). This one either goes on sale at Etsy or my website if she doesn’t want it.

I have been knitting too. Nothing exciting just a really boring, really gray shrug that seems to be going on and on and on forever. I didn’t know that shrugs were just miles and miles of knitting like a scarf with shaping. And I am doing it in boring gray with boring repeats of stockinette stitch using worsted weight yarn.

Note to self: If a shrug appears on the mindset again…. use chunky, pretty yarn and larger needles!


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