She loves it!

The green tote bag is sold. Now, if she pays for it, I will dance the dance of the happy, compensated crafter.

Speaking of being a crafter. I was buying fabric at a local store recently and the proprietress asked me what I make. I felt like such a fake… I wonder why? I do craft… I knit, I sew, I do other things, and I often sell these things. Obviously, people want what I make if they are buying them so why do I feel like I’m not legitimate? Do other people feel this way?


2 thoughts on “She loves it!

  1. yes! Except although I hoard fabrics and stuff, and read craft blogs til my eyes bleed, I really haven’t made much of anything in the last two years because I’ve had nowhere to make it. So I feel *really* foolish!

    Can’t wait to get organized and get going … but you read my last post and know that might be a while, ha ha …

  2. yes, definitely! Especially because I don’t have “formal” training in dressmaking/design, and all has been learned by trial/error and just messing about and my other kinds of design experience.

    I don’t feel like this in fabric stores, but I do even posting my things in my blog, as if somehow they are “real”–deserving of any attention! Undermine myself often.

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