A little of this and a little of that

This: I whipped up a book/remote/juice pouch holder last night. I completely uncluttered my bedroom including the fish tank cabinet that I was using for a bed side table. I needed this to hold the remote controls and my books. Boy Caboodle found it handy for holding his juice pouch. Stinker!

It’s white felt bordered with green cotton blanket stitch. There is a running stitch at the top of the pockest right now. I plan to do a running whip stitch with blue cotton, then maybe applique something on the front… or not.

That: Boy C was “fixing” things this morning. What with all those tools he had to carry around, he needed a tool pouch. I whipped this up even before I finished my second cup of tea. By the time it was completed, Boy C had moved onto other things (hence the baking soda behind him) and wasn’t in the least interested. Stinker.

He chose the Amy Butler Charm fabric himself. I tried to make something else with it but he was very possessive “this is MY cloth!” I think it makes a perfectly charming (ha) tool pouch for him. The grosgrain ribbon was sewn on so that he could slip tools into the loops. The little pocket will hold the little things 3yo’s collect… money, screws, nuts, rocks, leaves….


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