It was a busy weekend!

I made soap. This is one batch of 6.

Just a note to myself… use gloves while cleaning, it saves the skin on your hands. ouch.

I made an army of bath bombs.

They look good here but the next day, half of them had drooped.

Too much moisture… The second half still look good so maybe back off half a tablespoon of liquid and add it slowly as you are molding.

I finished this bag.

And what a nightmare… I managed to bumble through 4 critical mistakes (read… rip, sew, rip, sew, rip, sew, rip, sew). And actually, I’m not done. I forgot to put the closure on it… rip, sew. Ay!

I made a lovely little blue pincushion for myself. I have one of the tomato variety but it is home to my small pins. I needed something that could hold my quilter’s pins. I also made a needle case. I have already used it and fallen into a deep, head over heels type of love with it.

And, finally, but definitely not least… stash enhancement. My friend, Pyewacket , gave me some goodies from her stash! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


3 thoughts on “It was a busy weekend!

  1. Wow, you were so productive! I love the bag. I really need to make myself a new one, but there are too many projects ahead of that. The pin cushion and needle case are some other projects I need to do. Yours turned out great.

  2. Love the soap and bath bombs! I made soap once in high school, ruined my mom’s hand-held mixer, and the soap never cured b/c we used too much lye! What do you use to shape the bath bombs?

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