About knitting

I’ve been surfing my knitting blogger links, way too many to list… trust me! Today, I had the brilliant idea to weed them out… I’ve told you I’m brilliant… right? right?

Out of about a million links, I deleted maybe 7. Seven links I could easily find on someone else’s blog. Not very production but I love looking at all your blogs, darn it! (get that? I’m not only brilliant, I’m punny!)

I stumbled across a few that I thought deserved extra attention:

Sandra, the first knitter to comment on my blog. She is funny too… I loved her daughter’s reasoning on why she thought certain men were hot but others were not!

Ulrike is still waiting for her precious baby to come home. Maybe we can all knit a preemie cap for her?

I have others I want to link to and comment about but it can wait for another post… BC calls, and mama answers!


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