News, knitting, and an answer

The news: BC had his tonsils and adenoids out today. He is taking it pretty hard… the boy that had surgery after him was running up and down the halls awake (obviously) and happy, and drinking liquids. BC puked all over himself, slept and moaned, and slept some more. He refused all liquids including his pain meds (we got him to take the meds). He woke up as we were leaving the surgical center and asked to go to the adjacent hospital’s duck pond. We took him even though he was half asleep and groggy… how did he remember that we talked about the duck pond before his surgery?! Children are amazing.

Knitting: I had to do something while I waited for BC. MC bought me a HUGE ball of yarn for Valentine’s. When this particular yarn was introduced into the US, the distributor misguidedly named it “Dudu”… I kid you not. It’s not Dudu anymore but it knits like kaka. I was so busy cursing the yarn that the time passed very quickly and the nurse called us back before I finished two rounds.

An answer: Beki asked what kind of closure I used on the felt pouch . I didn’t put a closure on it. If I had thought it out a little more before making the pouch, I would have done a double layer of felt. Then I could have put a button and loop (or ribbon) closure on it. The way it is now, a snap would have torn the felt, and there was no place to sew a loop and have it be pretty.


5 thoughts on “News, knitting, and an answer

  1. I hope your boy feels better soon.

    Thanks for the anwer. SO far, all I’ve done on my pouches was sew a button and cut a button hole in the felt. I tried a snap, and you’re right, it sliced the felt.

  2. I had the same operation when I was young – I feel so bad for the little guy. Hopefully it will help with whatever ailment caused him to have them out [mine were constant ear infections].

    I think that duck pond visit sounded great!

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