A very good question

Pyewacket asked me a very good question.

“Why are you wasting time knitting with yarn you hate?”

This was in reference to my orange dudu.

The answer is that the orange dudu was a gift from my husband.

My husband! The man who is afraid to touch my purse lest it magically changes his Y-chromosome into an X. This man walked into a yarn shop filled with women, walked around and selected yarn just because he loves me and he knows I love to knit. And he chose orange dudu… I love this man!

Also, to be fair, the yarn does look good knit up.


3 thoughts on “A very good question

  1. arh.. that is lovely – my husband is the same – won’t even carry my purse (for money)to a shop and he is yet to buy me yarn! He can be just as thoughtful but maybe not as brave.

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