Fabric goodness

This is a quilted bag I’m working on for myself. It wasn’t for me originally but BC took scissors to the top of it and it ended up being a bit shorter than I planned. He was really sweet when I caught him. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes and asked “do I have permission to cut this?”

I asked MC if he liked the bag… he said “it sure is green. I like the bird!”. So, in other words, “no”. But he won’t be carrying it, his opinion only matters if he is wearing or carrying.

The next two pictures are for Beki.

Bunnies my mom made for BC. She got the pattern from a book about the time my niece was born (5 years ago).

The cloth in the background is a summer weight baby blanket she made with vintage fabric. That’s what happens when your stash gets out of hand…. 20 years later, it’s all vintage!

Speaking of the stash getting out of hand…. here’s some stash enhancement from this morning. I picked these fabrics up from a sale bin…. I’m weak around the sale bin. These remnants and 2 packages of clay set me back about $8.50. I regularly hit that sale bin and I often come away with 2 to 3 yds of remnants for under $10.


2 thoughts on “Fabric goodness

  1. Oooo, whatcha gonna do with the clay?

    Pokermon got a good laugh out of BC’s antics. I can totally see Yakko doing that. He just curled up in my lap and angelically told me he was a bad guy. 😉

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