Knits aflame!

It’s back!

I started working on orange dudu again. The boucle is still hanging me up but I like the way the colors look like flame. I also like the texture. I think I am out on the shoulders now… each round is taking longer and longer. At some point, I need to take it off the needles and see how it is fitting. Unlike Nona, I did not do a gauge swatch 🙂 I can’t see the stitches in this boucle to do one!

I also worked on another bag this weekend.

I have had these fabrics sitting around for months begging me to do something. It finally hit me Saturday that these two fabrics looked great together. The photo is a bit dark or you would be able to see the contrasting pink stitches on the black portions of the bag.

I am not sure if I will sell this bag… I like it so much, it might become another knitting/project bag!


3 thoughts on “Knits aflame!

  1. Those coloures are really flamish and I like them!

    I, also, am not a fan of gauge and never do it if I knit for myself (hardly ever), but since I knit by order can’t skip it!

  2. If you’re knitting top-down and can try it on as you go, gauge isn’t quiiiiite as critical. I don’t think.

    Pretty bag!

    Y’all, you should see the honkin’ ginormous skein that orange dudu came in…

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