Pretty pretty

These are the azaleas in my backyard. Or at least they were 2 weeks ago. They are all bloomed out now… I won’t see this gorgeous hot pink color in my yard again until next spring.

I have been thinking about pretty colors quite a bit recently. I have always decorated my personal spaces (and myself) with greens and blues, my favorite colors. Now I’m a bit older, I want pretty, feminine colors.

A case in point, I bought a jacket recently that is all floral. I would never have bought this jacket before recently. My sisters were tomboys and relentlessly dogged me about my color and clothing choices. I never wore pink and I never, ever wore dresses or skirts. Heaven forfend if I should have lace or ruffles! I think I’m finally coming into my own… I don’t feel the need for my family’s approval (it only took 23 years to accomplish this feat). By the way, women stop me all the time to compliment the new jacket. It’s pretty!

Now, I’m contemplating a change of colors in my bedroom. It is decorated in blues, soft greens, and white… it is very peaceful and beautiful when the light hits just right. But I want pretty. I want florals in pinks, reds, and yellows.

I want Robyn Pandolph fabrics. Or maybe Three Sisters. There are a few others I have looked at too… all pinks, reds, yellows.

There are two problems. One is that MC has expressed a dislike for “pretty” in the bedroom. That’s sort of fair, it is his bedroom too. The other problem is that this might be a phase. What if I spend a bunch of money to redecorate, then a couple of months later I get bored with it? What if I just wanted to see some color temporarily like those azaleas above?

How do you make the decision to redecorate? Do you worry about regrets?


2 thoughts on “Pretty pretty

  1. Yes, I worry about regrets. I was all over the place a few years ago, decorating, then changing my mind a few months (or weeks) later. Finally I decided it would be much more cost effective to hire a decorator. She helped me pick colors for the bedroom (just a one time consultation – any more than that would have been way too expensive!) and over a year later, I’m still lovin’ it. Now for the rest of my house, I have the urge to call her again…

  2. Too bad you don’t have a personal office/craft room. Hmmm.

    Your reservations are valid ones, though that first fabric in particular is so lovely. Wanna learn to sew clothing? I just bought a pattern that includes a halter top, halter dress, jacket, skirt, sash belt and loose pants. I bet that fabric would make a gorgeous skirt/sash combination with a solid top.

    Decorate yourself! I’ve been feeling color-adventurous lately too, only my urges are manifesting as tie-dye. At least you have taste! 😉

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