Orange yolk

I have been ever so slowly making progress on the orange dudu. I finished the yolk last night. The arms are now on waste yarn waiting for elongation. I did two rounds of the body before I had to stop.

Why did I stop?

Knitting injury. My wrist hurts so bad, I can’t knit.

Darnitall! I was just getting back into a groove with my number one hobby! No problem, it will heal, won’t it? Before you answer that, consider that it hurts right where I have had wrist surgery previously.

The fabric behind orange dudu is part of my “Pretty Pretty” passion. This is the cloth that started it all. Robyn Pandolph’s (SSI) Butterfly Kisses. Pink, red, and yellow.


2 thoughts on “Orange yolk

  1. What kind of surgery did you have? I went through carpal tunnel and De Quervains Syndrome when my kids were young and had to be carried everywhere. I have to be so careful now. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to knit, and have to be careful what kind of needles to use. I’m so sorry – I understand what a bother it is. Sometimes if I slap on some wrist braces for a bit it helps.

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