Quilted bag summary

Lindiepindie asked for pointers on making quilted bags. I have no problem giving an answer… my only caveat is that this was only my second quilted bag and I kind of made up my own methods.

I cut my cloth and prepared each side of the bag separately. Then I cut batting and plain muslin to match. I placed the front piece face down on my work surface, smoothed the batting over that, and then put the muslin on top of the batting. I pinned from the middle out… about every 4-6 inches. I was then ready to quilt the piece. I started from the inside to the edges. I sewed the edges to prevent the fabric from unraveling. Repeat with the back face of the bag. Then sew the bag together as usual. I should point out here that the muslin is not the bag liner, it is the backing for the quilting.

I didn’t do this for the first bag. I quilted it after I put the bag together and I ended up with a skewed bag. Also, if I make another quilted bag, I will problably bind the top edge with binding or make either the outside fabric or the liner extra long to make a hem that can fold over and be sewn over the top of the bag. That way, the seam isn’t too bulky and doesn’t gap at the top.


One thought on “Quilted bag summary

  1. That is really helpful! The next question I was going to ask was if the quilt backing was the liner. Thanks. I have been thinking about making one and now I’ll be prepared. I enjoy quilting, but couldn’t wrap my brain around making a quilted bag.

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