Knitters, I give you a FO

As much sewing as I’m doing lately, you wouldn’t think my number one love is knitting. But this is a FO for the doubters… well, it’s almost finished, I have to weave in the loose ends. Yes, it is a grey shrug… a boring color and a boring stitch pattern. But it looks dashing on my black marble table.

Pattern: mine
Yarn: Lion Brand Woolease
Needles: Susan Bates Circular size 8
Duration of project: 6 months

I had to finish the shrug because I need the needles for Orange Dudu. I’m going to attempt the two needle technique on the arms. That assumes I have enough yarn for the sleeves… it’s not looking good and I really don’t want to buy another skein of Dudu (it’s $30 for a very large skein).

I am actually considering turning the grey shrug into a modified Tubey. That might just take care of the rest of the Woolease in my stash.


2 thoughts on “Knitters, I give you a FO

  1. I also couldn’t tell you presere knitting! Lovelly shrug! I fell in love with shrugs this fall!
    Bags from previous post are,… are… damn! can’t find proper words but they would be stolen if I come arond!

  2. I love knitting on 2 circs — it’s my favorite small-diameter method. Can you make it a short-sleeved sweater? It was 87 degrees out today…

    Tubey is far down on my list of things to knit, but it’s definitely on there. I’d love to see your version. The shrug is also quite elegant on its own.

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