Bunnies and bath cloths

In honor of the season, I knit a bunny! Cute, no? Alas, I cannot take credit for this pattern. You can make your own bunnies using this pattern from Heartstrings. It was a very quick knit.

I was inspired to make bunny because I had been making these knitted bath cloths. Bunny is actually made out of one of these yellow squares with a fluffy tail and ears added on. So, if you have every wondered what you can do with all those swatches… hop to it and make a bunny.


7 thoughts on “Bunnies and bath cloths

  1. Fun, fun, fun! Cute, cute, cute! I’ve already added the link to my favorites list so I won’t loose the page and one of these days, I will make him! That’s one sweet bunny.

  2. Gosh, that’s such a cute little bunny, and I love the bath cloths too!
    Thanks for sharing the link to the bunny-pattern – I doubt I’ll get it done in time for this year’s easter, but there’s always a next year, hopefully!

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