Ultra Low Jeans strike again

This is a picture of the doorknob on our guest bathroom door.

What does a doorknob and ultra low jeans have in common?

Answer: Me.

I have had a love-hate relationship with these jeans since I bought them… mostly I love to hate them. I would quit wearing them but they are one of two pairs of pants that fit right now.


I was walking into the bathroom to help 3yo BC when all of a sudden I couldn’t move. I couldn’t go forward, I couldn’t go backward, I couldn’t go up, and I couldn’t go down.

See that elegant loop on the doorknob? Apparently, it falls right at hip level on me. This wouldn’t be a problem if I were wearing ANY other pair of pants because these are the ONLY pants I have that stop at hip level. The elegantly looped doorkob has a thing for ultra low jeans belt loops, and it hooked my jeans. I was stuck! I couldn’t even wriggle out of the darned jeans.

After much up on toes, then bending of knees, trying to slide the belt loop off the doorknob loop, I managed to twist the belt loop several times and it was cinched even tighter. What to do? I couldn’t reach the phone for help, couldn’t reach the scissors or a knife…. BC isn’t allowed to get those things on his own so I was helpless. But luck and a bit of finger pain later released the interlocked loops. Thank Goodness!

To sum it up, BC announced:

“You are just too BIG for the bathroom, Mama.”

*ahem* Must speak to son about comments on Mama’s size.


8 thoughts on “Ultra Low Jeans strike again

  1. I have problems with door/windowknobs and my sleeves! Almost on weekly bases! But hearing your problem,… well,… if anything else this will be a great story to your grandkids!
    P.S. I allow my kids to use scissors (I know, I know very irrispobsible of my, but they soooo much like cutting papers)

  2. So funny! Who knew that a doorknob with such a pretty swirl on it could cause such an ordeal! At least getting yourself out meant that you didn’t have to cut up one of only 2 pants that you’re wearing right now.

  3. Every door in our house has a doorknob like that. The only one I’ve ever had a run in with is the kids’ bathroom. I’ve ripped a few garments on it.

  4. Oops! LOL 🙂 I would have loved to see you there, stuck on the door! 🙂
    But mind you, this happens to me all the time with my sleeves – I love wearing shirts or sweaters with very wide sleeves and get stuck all the time, I even hurt myself once with that and well, I didn’t find that as funny as my CM did back then… 🙂

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