Fun and the color navy

This is a bag that I just made for a repeat client. She told me that she couldn’t find any fabric that she liked … so she was trusting me to pick some out myself. Her only stipulations were size, color and character. HA! That doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room.

I could handle the size issue easily enough.

She asked for the color “navy”. Easy enough.

She detests “pretty”…. florals were out. Maybe navy wasn’t such an easy color afterall since most dark blue fabrics with a pattern are floral?

And finally… she wanted it to be “fun”! Hmmmm…..

Fun and navy…. not necessarily two ideas I would normally put together.

I mulled it over while I was working on other projects. I bought several different dark blue fabrics. She selected two of the six I proposed and asked me to pick one of those two. I finally finished the other projects and was ready to start on her “fun, navy” bag. Except I hated all the ideas that I had come up with to that point, including the two fabrics I had to choose from.

Then I found one, and only one, fat quarter of the planes fabric. There is not another piece of that fabric to be had locally. I had one chance to get it right.

I whipped up this bag and submitted it to my client for approval.

She didn’t say she liked it, nor that it was “fun and navy”, nor that it is “awesome” but she is willing to pay for it. That’s all I ask. Mission accomplished. This bag will be winging its way to a new home very soon.

Since this bag completed all my current orders, I spent the entire day cutting fabric for my son’s blanket. I have more to say on that later.


3 thoughts on “Fun and the color navy

  1. That is a cool bag; my son would love the airplane motif (but not as a purse!) It sure looks like it fits all 3 criteria that your customer asked for.

  2. It’s been my experience that people need to look at a bag and even use it before they fall in love with it. The 2 bags that I sold at a craft show were both to women who looked and after mulling it over, came back because they had been thinking about. Others were sold because they were seen on my blog, the buyer mulled it over, then bought them. You did a great job, and I think that after she uses it, she’ll find she loves it.

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