Blobber struck again. I couldn’t access the site for several days, and some other problems weren’t cleared up until today. I hope they can keep running smoothly for a long time now.

I’ve been busy working on these quilt blocks all week. It’s a quilt for my son. He picked out over half of the fabrics so it has a personal touch. The block pattern is called “snowball” but since I did the large squares in red instead of white maybe I should rename the pattern “fireball”.

Yesterday, I layed all the blocks on the bed to see how it was looking hence the picture. It was then that I discovered that I have lost all my ability to do math. I had 7 extra 9-square blocks. Seven. That’s a whole lot of extra sewing! I thought I had the small squares counted correctly… I did count them several times. Oh well, I can sew a pillow sham or a bag with the extras… make lemonade, right?


6 thoughts on “114623355981905627

  1. Oh yeah – that’s happened to me, too, except that when I thought I was done sewing I realized that I hadn’t sewn ENOUGH! Arg – that’s a disappointment.

    That’s a nice fireball quilt you’re making for your son. One day, I hope to make my boys quilts for their beds, but I’m too chicken to let them pick the fabric.

  2. Wow, this quilt is getting along so fine, it already looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it all done and finished, it’s certainly going to be a true piece of art!

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