Double posting!

Knitting content.

I’ve been steadily working on orange dudu… ok, maybe not steadily, maybe sporadically is a better description. I tried the 2-circular needle method for about 5 rounds, then switched to one needle and working the sleeve flat. I would rather sew the arm together than deal with the hassle of fighting two circular needles. I know some people love this method but it wasn’t for me. I would have switched to dpn’s but I don’t have the right size.

Anyway, that’s my take on it.


4 thoughts on “Double posting!

  1. Elann’s featured yarn on 4/20 was named ‘kakadu’- your orange dudu of course came to mind. Sheesh- where do they get these names? The quilt is so cheery and bright, perfect for a kid’s room.

  2. That quilt is gorgeous!
    I also don’t like doing seamings in knitting (they take soooo many time) but Almost always do sleeves flat!
    Can’t wait to se that dudu/kaka/poo-poo,…

  3. I’m not sure why you don’t like 2 circulars (I personally haven’t tried it), but you might try the Magic Loop method. Once I learned it, I have been sold and do almost all of my knitting on long circular needles. I can knit a baby sock up to a large sweater using one 40-in. long circular needle. It’s great! Check out this link:

  4. Bummer about the two circs. I just learned how to use them [the socks on my current post] and I like the method. I’d definitly prefer it to seaming! 🙂 Good luck

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