Sewing machine envy

Sandra asked me not long ago about the type of sewing machine I use. I tried to post about this before today but Blobber wasn’t cooperating.

Anyhoo… this is my machine. A very old, all-metal Necchi. I bought it very used for $50 (it came with all the feet, owner’s manual, and a bag full of metal bobbins). I have learned to sew on this machine. Sewing for any length of time on this Necchi is exhausting. You have to be on your toes all the time to piece things together neatly.

Yesterday, I went to my neighbor’s house to show her how to sew on her machine. Her Brother XR-37 is 10 years old (I think). It has been out of the box 4 times, including yesterday. While it is not the lowest end machine, I don’t believe it is higher end or even middle ground. But, it is SO much nicer than my Necchi!

I have suspected for a long time that my machine was lacking but geez this is ridiculous! I thought all my crooked sewing lines were my fault but apparently, it was my machine (mostly ;). I sewed my first perfectly straight line on the Brother. And it wasn’t the battle royale that I have with the Necchi.

Today, I’m sad. I can’t really afford the machine I *ahem* need *ahem*. So, I’ve been looking around. The machine I’m considering is the Janome MC-3000. It is still too expensive for my current budget but it’s a definite upgrade to a quality I need if I’m going to make purses and quilts for much longer.

Now I just have to convince MC.


5 thoughts on “Sewing machine envy

  1. I hear you, sister. I would like a new machine as well, although my Kenmore isn’t dead, it’s in need of a tune up. Do I spend $70 on a tune up for a $150 machine or go for something nicer? So do I get new blinds for the house or a sewing machine? I’ve decided to get blinds for now – my Kenmore still sews a straight line, at least, but when my friend sews on her Viking it sounds so nice – not pounding, like mine. So what’s my point? I’m just sympathizing. I hear you, sister.

  2. It definitely sounds like time to upgrade, especially since you are sewing “commercially.” I’m sure you can convince MC that a new sewing machine is an investment, not a luxury! 😉

  3. And you have sewn all those great bags with old, bad machine??? You are incredible, I say! Wow!
    I really hope you are gonna purchase that machine you need. And then the World will be in your hand!

  4. I hate sewing machines, I only get second hand ones, or past on ones. I always snap the needle, not up the thread etc… so I never have an expensive one, I’d just end up breaking it.–>

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