Of Mice and Sammy

I have 2 cats. Neither of them is this cat that is sleeping on my cats’ pillow in my living room. This is Sammy, the neighbor’s cat. Looks completely at home doesn’t he? Maybe a little too comfortable. He has become spoiled here.

This is a home made humane mouse trap. I built it because my cats (and Sammy) are completely spoiled and could not care less about catching the mice that have invaded my kitchen. I think I need to cut the kibble rations, dratted cats!

You are supposed to put the glass container in another container but I didn’t have anything big enough. I thought the Silpat mat would work but the contraption kept slipping. It misfired several times before we figured that out. MC propped it up with a big can of corn, reloaded the bait, and set the trap.

This morning it was pristine. Unfired. No cheese on the stick. Mouse poop on the counter. There was a mouse laughing merrily somewhere in the cabinets.

Turns out MC made the mousetrap very humane, too humane.


9 thoughts on “Of Mice and Sammy

  1. Oh no, what IS it with the rodents this season?! Tell Sammy to make himself useful!

    I admire your humanity. By the same token, snap traps are quick and effective. I’m just sayin’. :-/

  2. Love that Sammy! Some of our best cats have been those who absconded from neighbors and adopted us. Thanks for the humane trap link.We almost always have mice running about, but the cats are pretty good about keeping the population down.

  3. LOL – I would have taken a bet that Sammy belongs to your household, the way he’s lying there! That humane trap seems to be… well, a good idea if you’re a mouse, but probably not the best if you’re a human wanting to get rid of mice… I’m afraid you might have to end up with a “real” trap sooner or later?

  4. Funny – when I first looked at the picture, I though it was a pan of blonde brownies! What do you do after you trap it? Put it outside? Would he just come back in? Not sure what happened to your trap, but if I was that mouse, I’d be pretty happy, too – free cheese, clean potty, uninterested cat…

  5. I tried Humane traps one year and the mouse problem just got worse! Unfortunately the only way to get rid of them is inhumanely. Wish I had better news!

  6. When we had mice we were told they only come into the house for food, that their nest would be outside. So if you let the go outside they will simply return to their nest, and back into your house later. You’ll have to take them for a long drive then release them!!

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