Yummy quilt sandwich

Is it Wednesday already?! Time is flying….

Here is the completed fireball quilt top. Don’t look too closely, ok? You might see that some of the blocks are not lined up correctly. How it worked out in the end, I have no idea because some of the blocks were off by over 1/2 inch. I do know now that my sewing machine does not like small pieces of fabric (2.5″) with small seams (1/4″).

I also completed the quilt sandwich. I love saying that… “quilt sandwich”, makes me want to eat something.
The blue stripey fabric was from my stash. It was destined for pillowcases for my bed but it was the only fabric I had on hand in sufficient quantity to back this quilt. Actually, I have some really pretty pink poodle flannel but I didn’t think BC would appreciate that when he was older. At 3yo, he probably would have liked the poodles. At 4yo, who knows?! So, blue stripey fabric it was.

Now I have to start quilting. I can’t decide whether to do it all by hand, part hand/part machine, or all machine. Decisions, decisions.

FYI, no mouse yet. I set the trap 3 days in a row but for one reason or another, it kept failing. Design failure? Materials failure? These are the questions that will haunt me as I go to the hardware store to purchase another humane mouse trap.

I have another bag almost completed. I have bag inertia… something about this project is annoying me. Pics soon. Complaints soon after 🙂


8 thoughts on “Yummy quilt sandwich

  1. What a happy looking quilt! People have to stop posting their quilts because it is so making me want to try one. Hot weather will be here soon and put an end to that desire for awhile. Hope the little one loves it!

  2. The quilt top looks great! I think all handmade quilts have their seams off at some point. It’s just the way it goes. Have you seen the backings on quilts that have 2 or more different kinds of fabrics? They are very classy-looking, I think. My sister has done some over at Stardust Shoes – there’s a link on my site – the scroll down a few posts. This way, you don’t have to have enough fabric for a whole quilt backing.

    I vote for all machine, because I can’t stand hand stitching anything, but that’s just me. :o)

    Hope you catch the mouse soon, I hear his gleeful laughs of, “I’m free… FREE!!!” all the way over here.

  3. Love the contrast you created with the red fabric. Lots of great colors in this quilt. I vote for machine quilting, it’s just so much easier!

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