Swimming turtles

The latest diaper bag is finished.

This is the project that was annoying me. (Warning: rant ahead.) Not that there was any problem in its making… the client was the problem this time. She asked for a matching changing pad… then quibbled when I gave her the price. I think she was under the impression that it would be dirt cheap (like less than the $8 I charged) because she sent the fabric to me. Is it a common misapprehension that you are paying mostly for materials on something like this? Actually, materials are fairly cheap… it’s the time and effort you pay for, hopefully most people appreciate they are getting a good deal. As my sweet MC keeps reminding me, I make peanuts per hour for bags. I do it because I enjoy the process, not because I’m making oodles of money. (Ok, rant over 🙂

On to more pressing matters… my latest project. I present to you my bedroom floor.

We ripped up the carpet last year. We bought flooring last year. Then we did nothing for a year.

Yesterday, I emptied out the bedroom, ripped off the base boards, and prepped the floor. In a couple of days, I will begin to lay bamboo planks!

I wanted to paint the room first but MC convinced me I was crazy, even though I have all Saturday morning to do it. I mean really, I can paint a room in 6 hours, can’t I?

Actually, it probably is crazy because I’m so sore that I can barely move.

Coming soon… orange dudu progress.


10 thoughts on “Swimming turtles

  1. I hear you – I feel like if people want WalMart prices, they should go to WalMart, you know? BUT, you can’t exactly say that – you just smile and hold your ground. You did a nice job on the bag.

    Good luck on your floor and painting!

  2. we are re-doing our bathroom floor this weekend, too!

    i was going to ask you how you price your bags. $8 for the diaper pad is a steal! even if she provided the material.

    the bag looks great, as always!

  3. That lady doesn’t know what a bargain she is getting. I don’t think I could ever sell what I make just because of such problems. Non-crafters don’t realize the true worth of handcrafted items. The bag is adorable!

  4. Oh, poor you, having to deal with that kind of customers – some people are just so… so… argh!!!! I have my fingers crossed for you that this was the last cheeky one you had to deal with, from now on only nice clients for you who actually appreciate the work you’re doing!
    Gosh, I hear you about the bedroom floor – I hope it won’t take you a full week as it took us! It’s a lot of hard work, but the result will definitely be worth it – I looove the paint you’ve been using for your wall, by the way!

  5. $8 sounds dirt cheap to me! Sorry you got an idiot customer. The bag itself is really cute — love the turtles.

    How’s the floor going? Bamboo, how intriguing…

  6. I agree with weirdbunny. CHEEKY!!! Let me guess–she doesn’t sew and therefore has no idea how much work it takes do a good job. Well, the bag looks beautiful!

    And I am a huge fan of bamboo flooring. Good luck with that. I’ll check back to see the progress.

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