WIPs and chains

No chains just works in progress.

It took me all of Mother’s Day to lay this much floor.

I’m nothing if not efficient!

And speaking of efficient… I give you sleeve of orange dudu. I tell you, this sweater is just blazing along!

I bound off too tightly so I didn’t sew up the sleeve. I knew I was binding off too tight but I kept going anyway… bad, bad knitter.


7 thoughts on “WIPs and chains

  1. Oy – I hear you about how much work doing a new floor is, I’m still sore all over from our renovation work over here! You did an amazing job with the floor though and it looks so fantastic already, a very pretty one indeed!
    And your orange dudu is coming along so fine, what a fluffy and cozy and gorgeous yarn this is! Looking forward to seeing more of it!

  2. Renovation! Still brings memories! Without smile on my face! But you got to do what you got to do!
    You are really presistant with Dudu! Can’t wait for the finished project!

  3. Are you laying that floor all on your own? I’m impressed. It’s going to look so gorgeous when it’s done. I LOOOOOVE bamboo (oh, did I already mention that?) 🙂

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