Progress was made on the floor this past weekend. I did as much as I could until I ran out of glue. It was a special order glue so I couldn’t just pick some more up and finish the job. I have about 2/3 of the floor done.

As you can see in the picture, I broke out the color chips for painting. I don’t know… part of me still loves the current color, part of me wants something new.

I did manage to crank out a few headbands for my new shorter hair. It’s a strip of scrap cloth sewn in half and a piece of elastic in the back. (I got the idea from another blogger but I can’t find the post. I’m sorry.)

Edited to add: I found the link for the hairbands Umami2.

Still reading? Then I have a little funny story for you…

When you install solid wood flooring on concrete, you have to use a solvent-based glue. Solvent-based glue that can only be removed with mineral spirits or some such strong chemical. For some reason this glue gets on everything, and I mean everything. Including my caboose when I backed up to do something and ended up practically sitting in the glue bucket (I was wearing short shorts… it was 95F Saturday). I couldn’t wipe it off with the mineral spirits at that moment because I was in the middle of laying planks and hammering them in place… and I kind of forgot about that glob of glue on my glutimus maximus.

Long story made shorter, a couple of hours later I went to the potty. I nearly ripped the seat right off the toilet when I stood up. I glued my tush to the toilet!

Grace and dignity, indeed.


12 thoughts on “Glue-potamus

  1. We’ve put down wood floors over concrete in two houses, and you’re right, that glue gets EVERYWHERE! Your story is too funny.

    Your floors look great 😉

  2. giggle giggle snort. Funny story indeed.
    The floor is looking great! I like the wall color but I’m all about a new look too. Go crazy! New floors and new walls…wahoo!

  3. The floor looks soooo nice! Great job. I hope you were able to get the glue off of your bottom – getting stuck on the potty – that’s so funny! Good thing it was the potty and not the sofa where the glue could have done some damage!

  4. LOL! Sometimes it’s good when we’re on our own and no one sees us :)))
    But hey, I can’t believe you laid this new floor all by yourself, that’s an amazing job you’ve been doing! I showed the pics to my CM and he was totally impressed too! Hey, a thumbs up from a man on floor-laying, what more could a girl ask for?

  5. Hah! You must have a bathroom jinx (the low rise jeans episode comes to mind!) The floor looks great. I love the current color of your walls, but it is fun to try something new. You can always change back. Just be sure to cover that new floor well!

  6. You sound like woman for my hubby! He would adore you, specially your skills! Damn, must prevent him to see your blog! No, I haven’t – he doesn’t undertand english! I am so relieved!

  7. The floor is gorgeous! Hope you don’t suffer any more loss of epidermis from it. 😉

    I think you’re just in the mood to paint. May I offer my house as a canvas? *blinks innocently*

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