I’m blushing

Thanks for all the compliments on the floor! You are all too kind.

In celebration of almost finishing my bedroom floor, I made myself some new flannel pajama pants.

Ok, they had nothing to do with the floor…

Sunday, when I was lounging in my old favorite pjs, I noticed that a large portion of thigh was showing through a rip in the thread bare cloth. So, I took my trusty seam ripper to the pants (after I took them off).

I traced out one front panel and one back panel on paper, cut the patterns out, found some obnoxious flannel, pinned the patterns to the flannel, and sewed myself a new pair of pants. My new favorite pj bottoms are not quite complete as you can see if you look closely… they aren’t hemmed. Even though they fit perfectly around my ample bottom, they were a bit short in length.

This is the second pair of pj bottoms that I’ve made from the old pjs… the first time, I traced the pattern without taking the seams apart. While those pjs fit, they weren’t as comfy as the old ones. This time I discovered why… I didn’t trace the back panel accurately so there wasn’t enough room for my tush. The new pjs have an extra inch of loungability.

The next pair will be perfect in tush fit and length.


7 thoughts on “I’m blushing

  1. Oh I just saw I’m on your blog list!!! How amazing is that!! When gentlytiptoe comes over next week I going to ask her to show me how to make a list on mine, and I’ll definatley put you on. Love those pj’s, are they hard to make? I just can’t do patterns.(My computer is back!!)

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