Flutterby Butterfly

I’m sorry about the unintended break, my mom came to visit. We spent a lot of time knitting, crocheting, shopping for yarn, and shopping for fabric. It was all good.

We also went to the local Butterfly Garden… and they were hopping and plentiful. These are the pictures I managed to upload before blogger cut me off.

Be afraid… this moth’s wingspan was over 8 inches across! I saw four of them in the garden… holy smokes, they dwarfed the giant blue morphs!


6 thoughts on “Flutterby Butterfly

  1. What fun to do crafty things with your mom! We tried to visit the butterfly exhibit in town this year just to find that they cancelled it. We were all disappointed. They didn’t have moths, though, last year. That one is HUGE. I would have been afraid…

  2. I see you inherited the stitching gene from your mom. Sounds like a nice visit. That is one scary moth; good thing they don’t have stingers or teeth!

  3. I can’t believe how large this moth is, never seen anything similar actually! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics, it seems you had such a lovely time with your Mom!

  4. those pictures are great. sounds like such fun! we have a tree in front of our house that attracts the monarch butterflies. yes, moths scare the heck out of me, too! every once in a while we get these big blacks ones that fly in the garage. and, i scream everytime!–>

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