Viral joy

I have a nasty cold. It really isn’t that bad except that the dry hacking cough keeps me awake all night. I have gone 4 nights without much sleep now…. Anyway, I wanted you all to know that I have been knitting and I plan to post again soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I took over the weekend.

This is what happens when I tell my dog “sit!”

Sammy (still not my cat)
He tried to steal the spotlight back when I was taking pictures of the dog.

5 thoughts on “Viral joy

  1. Your dog is so cute!! Wonder what he/she does when you say “Lie Down”? More pictures please. It was so nice to hear that another teacher also suffers from the intro-extrovert issue! Thanks!

  2. This blogger really sucks – I tried million times to make comment on this post! Well, finally!
    Recover soon, casue I can’t wait to see Dudu progress! Is it finished?

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