In knitting news…

I finished the orange dudu and I think my knitting muse is back. I picked up some yarn last week, perused patterns, and came up with a new tank top for myself.

I took 6 hanks of Berrocco Touche (50% cotton, 50% rayon) in this cool pool blue:

I also bought the Summer 2006 Interweave Knits because I liked the cover sweater but I decided it wasn’t the look that I wanted.

I was inspired by this pretty long-sleeved sweater in VogueKnitting Fall 2005. Obviously, the long sleeves won’t work in the incredibly hot weather we have here. I needed a tank at the most (to tell the truth, that may be too hot as well). So I used my noodle, remembered my last knit tank, and decided to design my own tank. I based it on the the Vogue sweater and White Lies Design’s Shapely Tank.

Finally, a week later, I ended up with this:

It fits perfectly. That hour-glass shaping is me to a tee.

I did have to rip it out once. My gauge was WAY off from my swatch, and I cast on a few extra stitches that should not have been there (say 20… that’s a few, right? … hello?). The second attempt was so much more successful… I used stitch markers to keep count. Sometimes, I amaze me with smartness!

A better shot of the cables.

Okay, okay. I was avoiding this but since I brought it up… orange dudu is finished. It ended up being much too big for me (which is ironic since I knit it top down so I could size it as I went). My mother tried it on and it fit her perfectly… almost like I knit it for her. And then she took it without letting me take a picture!

It took me 3 and a half months to get the orange dudu monkey off my back (I plan to never knit with boucle again) and my mother packed it in her suitcase, leaving me without a picture. Can you forgive her? She did wind up a whole bunch of yarn for me… by hand… and untangle 3 hanks of snaggled yarn… by hand… please forgive her? See her hard work? And there were more that aren’t pictured.

Look at those neat balls. And they are center pull! Did I mention she wound these by hand? In less time than it takes me to do one?


8 thoughts on “In knitting news…

  1. Yay Mom! Make sure she sends you a photo of her modeling the dudu so you can post it- you know we have all been waiting to see that finished project! The tank came out so nice. I have the Touche in my stash in a dark red – I forget how many skeins- and have a few tee patterns in mind. It’s a nice soft yarn.

  2. Yeah, I’d say you’re back into the swing of knitting. I can’t believe you finished the tank in a week – it looks great. Also, hearing you say that your guage was all off scares me. I’ll be sticking to scarves and purses for a while.

  3. That’s my Cathy! Great knitting! Though, I am still waiting for Dudu/Kaka, but seeing your lovelly tank – think I could live on for few days without asking “Where is your Dude, dude?”

  4. Gosh, I can’t believe how gorgeous this tank is, and how very quickly you knitted it up – you’re definitely a speed knitter! The pattern is so awesome, and the color you chose rocks, it’s perfect for summer! Fantastic work!

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