The letter ‘C’

Look at the letter ‘C’. It looks so innocent sitting there with all its letter and number friends. But let me tell you internets, it is not so innocent at all. It likes to be the ‘c’enter of attention.

Last night, my dear 3yo son, BC, took that letter ‘C’ and beaned me with it right between the eyes, on the bridge of my already sore nose (the nose was recovering from being bonked by the back of said son’s head). ‘C’ likes a good ‘c’ry.

After my crying jag, BC and I ‘c’uddled while making up. He was very upset when he realized he hurt me, he demanded that MC take him to bed (this boy never sleeps so that was significant). Then after a few moments alone in his room (self-banishment), he came out to turn on all the lights in the house. It was then that I realized he was upset with me because I ‘c’hastised him for turning on and off a light I needed to read my magazine.

That, and the letter ‘C’ likes to be the ‘c’enter of attention.


5 thoughts on “The letter ‘C’

  1. Is your nose ‘C’alloused yet? ‘C’ould you have to put up with more ‘C’retinous behaviour! I shall stay tuned for more of this ‘C’liffhanger.

    All kidding aside. The poor guy must have felt just ‘C’rappy. I hope you can make up and ‘C’arry on.

  2. Kids! Letter C! That was not your day! My kids always start ‘C’rying the moment they realised they do something bad! And they look at me with their big eyes! And I usually forgive averything!

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