Picture heavy to make up for not posting

I’m sorry about the inadvertent blogging break. It must be the heat that is making it impossible for me to compose an entry. I promise to turn the a/c down so I can think 😉

To start with I have a ton of ribbons for which I’m trying to come up with a craft. This is a collage of some of the pink ribbons over some pink fabrics. I have lots and lots more ribbon in all colors. I have to do something with them!

Any ideas?

I liked the pool blue tank so much that I went and got more yarn despite my desire to try to finish an old UFO (Rosweld old, folks… it has been hanging over my head forever!). Isn’t this red pretty? It is Berocco Softwist (41% wool, 59% rayon, color 9455… henceforth known as ruby red). I have already cast on for a new tank in either moss or sand stitch.

Here is another new project I took on (sorry about the glare). Despite not ever had any sewing lessons, I convinced myself that I could sew clothing from a pattern. HA! I learned very quickly that you have to know a thing or two about fitting before you can sew clothes. I am in the process of refitting this top after sewing it together (with french seams! hahahaha!).

FYI, you are supposed to fit the pattern before you even look at your fabric of choice.

I hesitate to make the skirt even though I have since read up on fitting patterns. I measured my hips to verify they were the size I ‘knew’ they were. Nope… I measured 1.5″ bigger. I lost my appetite immediately, wouldn’t you?

And one of my girlfriend’s dragged me to our favorite local beadstore (ok, she didn’t drag me but there was some arm twisting). I was just going to ‘look’! Have a look at all the beads I bought. Oh well, I needed some retail therapy.

I’m trying to come up with a design that sort of captures the look of the ocean with breaking waves… my brain comes up with these ideas with no real concept on how to achieve them!

Any ideas?

Speaking of retail therapy, I stopped in the local used bookstore on the way to the fabric store for the ill-fated sewing jaunt. I picked up this book of quilts by Setsuko Segawa… beautiful quilts! Amazing quilts! None of the pictures I took did justice to her art but the cover art is one of her quilts.

The second book is an old book from the UK (price was originally marked in pounds so I made that assumption). And look at the groovy ‘Owl and Pussycat’ macrame art! I know some of you all love owls and such even though I cringed when I saw this because it was so overdone during my childhood.

Last week, we experience Tropical Storm Alberto. The first shot was taken outside my back door. The next two pictures wer taken out my front door. All in all, it was a pretty tame storm. I have experienced worse thunderstorms locally. I only hope all the storms this year are so mild.

And last, but not least, I leave you a picture of Sammy. He is still not my cat despite the comfortable position he has taken in my son’s bed today! I love this cat but his owner loves him more. She just doesn’t spoil him to the degree that I do.


7 thoughts on “Picture heavy to make up for not posting

  1. Really pictures heavy!
    Honey, I am still (now not so anymore) patiently for Dudu! But, really love that dark red yarn!
    I know that “just to look” thing! – have been there million times! And will go again!

  2. The only thing worse than sewing clothes (for me) is picking out stitches in clothes, not knowing if the piece of clothing will EVER fit. I am so close to giving up on sewing clothes. I, too, did not know that you were supposed to size everything up beforehand. I have since gotten some swedish tracing paper to help me out, but it just seems like SO much work, and I haven’t been motivated enough to try again. All that is to say, I hope the top works out well for you and the skirt, too.

  3. The ribbon – You could make a bag and weave the ribbon into it (or just sew them on, in rows). You could sew them onto straps for a purse or even a belt? Down the length of a skirt? Thread big beads on them for a tie on bracelet?

  4. Gosh, you’ve been busy lately, no wonder you didn’t have time for posting 🙂
    I absolutely adore the yarn that you got, it’s got such a luscious, warm color – great!
    Oh, sewing! I tried this so often in my life, but heaven knows I never succeeded, I actually don’t even have an idea how sewers get their projects to fit! It’s tough, absolutely tough – though I think if you get the hang of it, then the skills will stay with you for the rest of your life! Good luck!

  5. You have so many cool projects going on! I used to sew a lot years ago, and for the kids when they were little. The pink ribbons remind me of a fancy dress I made way back when with a bodice of woven ribbons and lace. The skirt and top will be a cute outfit. The macrame owl is a flashback to the ’70’s!

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