Happy Summer Solstice!

It has been in the 90’s pretty steadily for a couple of months already. Now that it is officially Summer, it should be even hotter and more humid! Not great knitting weather but that hasn’t stopped me from starting my Ruby Red Tank.

The borders of Ruby Red are sand stitch, the body is stockinette, and there is a 1-stitch cable in the center of the front.

I should be working on this. If you don’t want to go back and read up on it, this very old UFO is Liv by Elsebeth Lavold in Silky Tweed. This UFO is so old that I am now officially renaming it. Henceforth is shall be referred to as ‘Roswell’. (The needle is holding two sleeves and the tip protector is a wine cork.) This is my second attempt at the sleeves. The first time I made a mistake at the end of the cable motif. My *ahem* correction *ahem* resulted in frogging and storage in the back of the lost knits closet.

Linda at Craft Apple saw an interesting project that uses yarn labels. She doesn’t have many labels, and most sane people do throw out all but one label. Those sane people save one label for yarn info (brand, style, color, etc). They are so organized! Then there is me… the packrat that has saved every label for no good reason at all. Lucky Linda! I’m sending all of them to her for her project (including the one I just found on my desk).

It doesn’t look like much is stuffed in there.

Yes, that is a Red Heart label peeking out at the top. Ha!

And a special thanks for the ribbon and beading ideas! Gina at Nanogirl suggested using the ribbons on purses which reminded me of a ribbon purse that I wanted to try. Kristen at AudioKnits suggested crochet beading… I think I’ll look at that because it may work for me!

… and if you got this far, Sandra. I may never see Orange Dudu again. But if I do see it, I will snatch it from my mother and take many pictures for you! In the meantime, I offer my humblest apologies for letting her escape before I took the final pictures. *hangs head in shame*


5 thoughts on “Happy Summer Solstice!

  1. OK, I will wait for Orange Dudu pic! And will remind you from time to time!
    Summer came here in full size – humidity, too!
    Keep on knitting!

  2. Cathy honey,I would never hit a cat! It was just a metaphore, let’s say! But if I had to choose between cat and dog, well, … hmm,… sorry but cat!
    In matter of fact, I like animals! I like that so much that I don’t have any – just because they ask for care and I am totally careless! Ask my kids!
    P.S. your be-still-my-heart comment really made me laugh!

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