I feel like a model

… or a dummy.

Meet “Gertie”. She is my duct tape body double.


No, Gertie isn’t pregnant. Nor am I. But she does have a rounded belly much like her doppleganger.


I cringed when I saw the picture above, taken by my son at the butterfly garden. It is the same belly that is on Gertie. I could ignore the scale and the too tight clothes but it is very hard to ignore your real size when it is staring you in the face. There is no denying that I have eaten a few too many twinkies!

This is a picture of me in college. I was 18 years old… my first semester. Look how skinny my arms were! I thought I was fat back then too. Isn’t that typical of our society?

Anyway, I’m hoping to need a new Gertie in a few months… eek! diet! eek! I just ordered a new jogging stroller today so I can get mobile with my son.


11 thoughts on “I feel like a model

  1. My daughter once asked me if I was pregnant as my tummy was so fat!!
    On the chicken front, we do eat them. The woodcutter has been known to get batches of 50 chicks at a time. He gets ones then the a really good for eating, rather that egg laying. He kills them, the kids and I pluck them from a certain tree out the back (tradition in our house), then we freeze them.

  2. I think the Natural History Museum just makes people look chunky. Yeah, that’s it. 😉 Pokermon’s favorite (skinny) picture of me is from my 18th birthday as well. Ah, freshman year…

  3. you said, “dopplerganger”. ha ha ha…chuckle.
    Gertie is so lovely. 😎
    Diet? make sure it is a yummy food one and not some gross protein shake something or other, k?

  4. I thought I was fat during my childhood, my school times, in my wedding,… Looking at pics back there I know I wasn’t! Now I am fat wishing those times get back! And summer is bitchy for all those kilos I have!

  5. I can totally relate to you–I’ve always felt unhappy with my body–even back in the day when I had no reason too. If I could only get back my flat belly….sigh.

    So cool that you have a duct tape body double! Was that hard to make?

  6. When I see similar pictures of myself in my youth (back when, apparently, I was quite lovely, although I didn’t know it) I just try to remember that no matter how dumpy I look to myself right now, in 10 years or so, I’ll be wishing I looked as “good” as I do now. Cheers.

  7. I know exactly what you’re talking about. If I only knew then…

    But! Get rid of that high school picture and map out a new, updated, course to a healthier you! [ugh, I sound like an infomercial]
    Best of luck – enjoy the time with your son.

  8. I’ve been wanting to make one of those for quite a while, but I’m never happy with my current shape. I really should just face the facts and go for it. Wanna come over and tape me up? That’s my other problem. I tried this once, but my husband was helping and he wasn’t much help!

    I have a belly too. The other day my nephew asked me why we were having two babies. He thought I still had one in my belly because it was so big.

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