Old things

Thank you for all the kind words about Gertie and her doppleganger… I need all the encouragement that I can get!

BTW, Gertie was not very difficult to make. I picked out one of MC’s old undershirts… it fit pretty snug. Then I handed scissors and tape to MC, and he commenced wrapping me up like a mummy. After I was wrapped up sufficiently (two layers), MC cut the tape and the t-shirt up the middle of the back. I eased it off, taped up the back, and stuffed it with a foam core and batting. Then I taped up the bottom, and I still need to tape up the neck opening.

Hints: Use shorter strips of precut tape. Let the tape follow your curves. Cut the bottom of the tshirt’s sleeves to the armpit for a closer fit. Turn the a/c low and have a fan on you. Have a girlfriend do this instead of your husband.

When I was digging through my old things earlier this week, I came across these handkerchiefs. They were either from my paternal grandmother or from my mother. Either way, they are very old (I’ve had them for over 20 years). I don’t know if they were store bought or handmade. But they are interesting…

The girls are jumping on a seesaw. The board is laid over a barrel to do this. The girls on the left are young and black-haired. The girls (women?) on the right are still jumping on the seesaw despite their age… see, they have gray hair! These handkerchiefs have always fascinated me because of the difference in hair color… was it intentional or did the person making them run out of black embroidery floss?



5 thoughts on “Old things

  1. Fun tips on how to make Gertie. Love the, “Have a girlfriend do this instead of your husband.” I don’t think I could let my hubby wrap me in duct tape…you brave woman.

    Those napkins – are they Asian? Those dresses they’re wearing look like Kimonoes or something. What fun to have.

  2. Aw com’on you could go places you never gone bfore if you let your husband do it! But, then again, if you want the result of the Gertie to be perfect maybe a girlfriend should do it!

  3. Never mind expensive Antique Road Show stuff- I love browsing through the handstitched linens in antique stores where you can buy under-appreciated beauties for a song.

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