This ain’t right

This is what happened a couple of days ago when I noticed water was leaking into the cabinet below the kitchen sink. I tried to adjust the pipe and the insinkerator fell off the sink!

We haven’t called in a plumber yet. MC wants to get a new dishwasher and have the plumber hook that up too. We sure haven’t had much luck with kitchen appliances, this will be our third dishwasher in 8 years.

Currently, I am washing dishes in the bathroom sink. *sigh*

And since I don’t have enough projects already started *ahem*… I decided that I had lived with this horrible kitchen wallpaper long enough. It was time for me to start pulling it off. Hehe! I know some people will like this paper but it is not me at all.

I haven’t finished the bedroom floor either. I did order more glue, which is outrageously expensive (twice as much as I paid last year). It will be here next week so I plan to work on the floor again the following weekend. Then I will post pictures of my triumph, mistakes and all!

I don’t want you to think I have given up on crafts completely in favor of home improvements. Pyewacket and I spent a little time at the fabric store last week, we both came away with fabric for skirts and such. Here is my first skirt (excuse the bathroom shot). The pattern is New Look 6597.

The skirt doesn’t fit because I started working out. The good news is that my mommy tummy is finally shrinking away. The bad news is that I have to take the skirt apart and refit it… darn. Ha!

FYI, I started working out a week ago using T-Tapp. OMG! That is one very short, very effective workout. Not only is my mommy tummy shrinking, but my posture has improved tremendously. Of course, 80% of my body hurts like the dickens but that is a good thing, right? I plan to check out callanetics as well for more toning.


7 thoughts on “This ain’t right

  1. Appliance problems- when it rains it pours. How nice that your skirt is too big! : ) I checked the T-Tapp link. Sounds promising- but “putting your organs in place”- eeew, sounds gross!

  2. I like taking pics in the bathroom, too – light is good there! Lovelly skirt just like the model! So nice of you for decision to fight with extra kilos! I am not that determined!

  3. Wow, you’re sure off to a lot of work in your home – your plans do sound very interesting indeed and I’m looking forward to seeing pics of everything when you’re done!
    I really love the skirt you made for yourself, it’s such a beautiful pattern, just perfect for summer! And yay for your exercising successes, I’ll take you as my role model for that as I have to shed a couple vacation-kilos now and do need every motivation that I can get!

  4. No – the insinkerator falling out ain’t right. I can’t believe you have so much going on – it would drive me nuts! But it would be just like me to pick a crazy time to start tearing wallpaper off the walls.

    Congratulations on loosing some tummy! I gotta get exercising – I’m feeling very old and frail these days. I want to feel strong!!!

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