Happy Sink Day

Yay! The sink is fixed. MC decided he could fix the insinkerator afterall. He did a fine job… let’s hope it stays fixed. Heh. No dishwasher though.I refit my last skirt. Even after taking off about 4 inches total around the waist, the new version is still too big… darnitall! But not so loose that I couldn’t wear it. Then I turned right around and started making more versions. Here is the Pyewacket Madras version (named such because Pyewacket gave me the fabric.) MC thought it was a bit bright… and this from a man that loves to wear bright orange t-shirts! I like it.

Here is the third version of the skirt waiting for a waistline. The pattern has two skirt patterns, one zippered and one with elastic. I chose elastic because it’s fast and I couldn’t face zippers right now.

Another thing you can’t really see from the pictures is the length. On me (5′-7″), the skirt hits above the knee. It it supposed to fit about 1.5″ below the waist but on me it is about 3″. If I tighten the waist to bring it up, the skirt is too short for my taste. The next time I make this skirt I have to remember to add a couple of inches to the bottom.

And in case you think I have been getting too much stuff done, and that I must be a mega-organized person… let me dispel you of that thought. (You can stop laughing now, Pyewacket!) Here is my crafting area. It is so cluttered, I can’t hear myself think! I have to have a plan before I set foot in that area or my projects get mired down. Any projects I think up in the crafting area tend to never be created.

Kristin has been posting pictures of her lovely daylilies. Mine miraculously have put out new blooms since the confounded deer ate the last crop (they also ate my tomato plant to the nubbin). I have no idea what variety it is but it is prolific and flowers at least twice a year.


7 thoughts on “Happy Sink Day

  1. Your skirts look great! I’m impressed. Your craft area looks about like my craft closet. I can’t even get my feet in there. Pretty flowers!

  2. You do seem quite productive, Miss Cathy. The skirts look really nice.

    Hmmm…I couldn’t look at your craft room picture very long because I was beginning to get stressed out!!! Is that an armadillo in there? It’s a nice space – I would love being able to reach everything from my sewing chair like that.

  3. Love the bright Madras fabric. You are lucky to have a crafting area; my stuff is scattered about the house. Though I have managed to stuff a lot into my daughter’s room since she is at college much of the year. ; )

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