Found it!

Yay! I found the madras skirt. Why I hung it here behind the bathroom door is beyond me! I looked everywhere else for it.

Have a look at that little patchwork robe next to madras… my grandmother made it for my brother 30 years ago! My nieces and nephew all had a turn with it, now BC has it. BC loves my brother so he loves the robe even though he doesn’t like to wear it.

The red fabric above is for my 4th skirt! Whew! That pattern is getting a workout. The pills are to combat my allergies and dizziness. If I don’t feel better today, I’m not doing anything (again… I’ve been in bed most of the week).

Lindiepindie was right, my crafts area harbors an armadillo. MC and I received the armidillo as a wedding gift… it definitely takes the prize as most unusual wedding present! I love it too. I still feel sad that I knocked off his other ear.

Speaking of my crafts area, it really isn’t that big. I share the space with many things unrelated to crafting. And, I would post pics of all the little places around the house that I do crafts but then Lindiepindie would be so appalled by the clutter, she would never read my blog again!

In addition to being dizzy, I’m a little on edge this week. I went on a special diet starting Wednesday to combat some digestion problems I’ve been having (I’m going to stay vague on this one for the TMI value). I can’t eat anything in this cabinet.

I also can’t eat anything with sugar, processed or packaged foods, some dairy, or starchy vegetables. I’m chewing my fingernails trying not to eat cookies, ice cream, or cheesecake. I think fingernails are allowed as long as I haven’t dipped them in the sugar bowl.

Lastly, I leave you with Dog Caboodle. She also bears the moniker “Raven about Coffee Creme Brulee” (she is a poodle, she has to have a poodle name).

You will be relieved to know that she answers to “Coffee.”


6 thoughts on “Found it!

  1. New drugs, new diet, and clutter! Yikes – you must be wiped out! My allergies have been making me dizzy and nauseated. I was trying to just make it with my nasal spray, but now I’m back taking a pill and feeling much better. I don’t like drugs, but don’t seem to be able to survive without them.

    I’m glad the poodle didn’t eat your skirt. The armadillo is definitely a unique present, but cute, nonetheless. It’s very Texan. :o)

    And if you showed ALL your clutter, I might wince a little, but I’d still come back to read.

    I hope your GI issues get better. It’s hard to not eat things, and sometimes even hard to eat the things you know you should eat.

  2. Hmmm, you seem to have a bathroom jinx. I recall a low rise jeans incident, a gluepotamus incident…How sweet that BC loves his heirloom robe. Sounds like a tough diet; let us know if it helps. Coffee is adorable!

  3. Great to hear that you found your skirt again! 🙂 I love the patchwork robe, this is really something to keep and treasure – a great memory, isn’t it?
    And gosh, I absolutely adore your poodle, what a little cutie!

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