About the diet…

I am not on the dessert-free diet to lose weight (but that might be a nice side benefit). The diet is not radically different than my usual fare, all it does is eliminate free sugar for the bad microbeasts in my digestive tract. This gives the good microbeasts a chance to reestablish themselves.

I couldn’t have gone on this diet though if I hadn’t been sick for a couple of months. I love my desserts! I am now eating tons of vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat, cheese, and a few other things. It is very healthy but my current motivation is to be able to go out in public without having to worry about the location of every bathroom in town.

Why does my blog always end up with potty talk?! Kristen pointed out that the formerly missing skirt was in the bathroom… where 99% of my other mishaps have occurred. Remember the ultra low cut jeans and the gluepotamus ?!


One thought on “About the diet…

  1. So sorry to hear about your digestive problems, I use to have something very similiar.

    Eating the right foods has made all the difference.

    Best wishes!

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